About Us

We believe that communication should be simple. That it should be collaborative. That it should be available for everyone, no matter which way you prefer to talk. Realtime Chat Pro was born from the simple fact that while there’s plenty of platforms out there that offer one communication service such as live chat, video chat, or co-browsing, there’s no one platform that combines all these features into a single, simple, seamless package.

Until now.

We created Realtime Chat Pro so we could fix this. It came from our desire to have one single communications platform that would make collaborating easier for businesses and consumers alike, wherever you are.

Who we are

We’re innovators.

Our founders have been in the IT and communications game for a while now and we know quite well the challenges that remote teams and companies face. We want to change this. We’re hungry. We’re a fresh, young company, who have a passion for making customer care easier. We want to see communications software reach the lofty heights we’ve seen in sci-fi films, and we want to be the ones to take it there.

Our mission

Our mission is simple: to provide you with a communication software solution that allows you to engage, interact, and convert your customers to your products and services in an easier, more direct way. Realtime Chat Pro is here to make your life easier. This is better communication, done your way.